At SellerAct, we understand what it takes to be a leader in eCommerce. For the past two decades, we have used all the major eCommerce platforms and sales channels and helped countless companies launch and succeed online.

Our Story

Ronen Amit founded SellerAct in 2007 to provide the growing demand for eCommerce expertise. Over the years, SellerAct helped businesses launch and grow their business to seven and eight-figure businesses. SellerAct is uniquely positioned to assist eCommerce brands due to its effective approach.

Unique Approach

SellerAct is unlike any other agency you worked with. We do not try to sell you any specific marketing service, rather we help you identify areas in your operation and marketing that can be improved to boost your bottom line. SellerAct is proud itself that we do not work for you, we work with you as part of your team.

SellerAct is the big picture, yet down-to-earth, practical consultant. All we care about, like you, is the bottom line.


Working with you
Unique Approach

Quick Overview of SellerAct Services


A good strategy will help you focus on what matters


Implement best eCommerce operational practices


Create and action plan to boost your sales and bottom line


Get more targeted traffic organically


Good design helps convert visitors  into paying customers

2x Conversion

Increase your conversion rate by 50% or more within 1-2 months

Our Team

Ronen Amit, MBA

Ronen Amit, MBA

Founder & CEO

Karl Russell, MBA

Karl Russell, MBA

Strategy & Branding

Andrea Van Rinsvelt

Andrea Van Rinsvelt

Development & Project Management

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