Congratulations Shopify: Look Who Has Just Endorsed You?


August, 2016

Shopify is a wonderful eCommerce platform, so much so that an eCommerce giant has just endorsed it.

As you may know, Amazon discontinued its Amazon Webstore services on July 1 this year. If you are not familiar with Amazon Webstore, it was an ecommerce platform, integrated with Seller Central, enabling sellers to use their Amazon seller account to run their own branded online store.

In a farewell email message sent to previous Amazon Webstore sellers, Amazon is endorsing Shopify as their preferred migration solution.

“Shopify is our preferred solution provider for the migration of Webstore Sellers.

— Amazon

Here is the farewell message:

Amazon Webstore Farewell Message

Amazon Webstore Farewell Message Endorsing Shopify

Congratulation Shopify. Getting endorsed by Amazon is certainly a big deal and you guys certainly deserve it.

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