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Frustrated? Not selling online, yet? Selling online, but not enough?

At SellerAct we understand what it takes to be a leader in eCommerce. For the past two decades, we have used all the major eCommerce platforms and sales channels and helped dozens of companies to launch and achieve success online.

Our philosophy is that design is not about building beautiful web store, it is about building beautiful web store that sells. Your store needs to be well designed not only to impress, attract and retain customers. Your Store needs to create revenue and growth.

SellerAct Creates Growth

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Success means growth, so we focus on helping you achieve it.

The Right Balance

Making sure your online store is as effective as it is beautiful.
SellerAct is a Certified Shopify Expert
Amazon Expert - Seller Central, Fulfillment by Amazon, FBA, Advertise on Amazon
Ronen Amit

Ronen Amit

Founder & Senior eCommerce Consultant

For the past 17 years, Ronen Amit has been helping companies to establish online presence and succeed online. He started back in 1999 as an online marketer and since then he has worked on countless online projects for dozens of companies.

Ronen is an award winning eCommerce marketer and a eCommerce consultant for Mackenzie & Company, AlphaSights among others.

1999 First online project
2001 First eCommerce project
2003 First Amazon Seller project
2009 Amazon “Top Holiday Seller” Award
2015 SellerAct becomes a Certified Shopify Expert

Trusted by

McKinsey and Company
AlphaSights Consultant
Jericho Cosmetics

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